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Parsons Avenue Redevelopment Corporation

Our Mission:

To support the redevelopment of Parsons Avenue by facilitating a sustainable center of commercial activity that creates a sense of place serving all South Side neighborhoods.


We’re building opportunity.

Parsons is brimming with it. Robust public and private funding, tax abatements and affordable property are opening doors to residents, investors, and businesses — old and new.


We’re building Community.

Parsons is a community with a long, rich history. And now, it’s only getting stronger. Renewed housing and increased access to resources mean people do better. And when people do better, businesses do better.

It all started when…

After years of the Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Realty Collaborative focusing on the housing stock south of Nationwide Children’s hospital, it seemed like a complimentary vehicle should exist to address challenges on Parsons Avenue.  As a result, the Parsons Avenue Redevelopment Corporation was formed in 2014. It was designed to be a nimble organization that could rapidly respond to changes in the market, work to eliminate negative properties that impede investment on The Avenue, and spearhead real estate development initiatives.



Over $1 Billion

has been invested in the expansion of Nationwide Children’s Hospital campus.

More than
$22 Million

of new investment during in Parsons Avenue in the last five years.


$50 Million

has been invested in housing rehabilitation & new construction in the neighborhoods near Parsons Avenue.