A century old anchor puts a new stake in the ground


Angela Mingo remembers when there was no “Nationwide” before the name “Children’s Hospital”—before the Columbus-based financial company provided the largest gift in the hospital’s history. She remembers when its campus was nearly a million square feet smaller. And when the surrounding area of Parsons and Livingston Avenues looked and felt drastically different.

Director of Community Relations since 2007, Mingo has witnessed firsthand the $783 million expansion of the hospital’s campus and the transformation of the neighborhood it’s called home for more than a century.

“We’re growing here because we plan to be here for another 120 years,” says Mingo. “We believe our patients, families, and neighborhood are worth the investment of time, energy, and passion.”

In June 2012, Nationwide Children’s Hospital opened a new 12-story main hospital, a third 225,000-square-foot research building, and underground parking that freed up six acres of green space for use by patients, employees, and neighbors. Combined, these spaces will help the organization reach a record-breaking 1 million patient visits in 2012.

Growing with purpose:

Complementing the hospital’s expansion is a $15 million investment by the City of Columbus in roadway infrastructure improvements to Parsons and Livingston Avenues—improving safety through street lighting and road and walkway widening.

But that’s not all that’s changing the community’s landscape. Under Mingo’s direction, the hospital’s Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families initiative is growing partnerships with the city and local organizations to revitalize the neighborhood. A large focus of the initiative is increasing access to affordable housing in a 38-block area through the renovation and marketing of blighted and vacant homes. Of the 417 homes the initiative has targeted, 40 have been renovated and 22 sold.

“We’ve sold homes to hospital employees, area families, and young professionals moving into the city,” says Mingo. “So it’s clear that this area will continue to serve a very diverse demographic.”

Watching the trend catch on:

Clearly encouraged by her organization’s expansion and revitalization successes, Mingo seems equally excited about the progress Nationwide Children’s Hospital isn’t directly involved in.

“From the start, we wanted to be a catalyst for more investment here,” Mingo shares. “And now we see it happening. Private companies are realizing the value and marketability of area properties. Residents and community groups are giving their effort to beautification projects. It’s become highly collective and collaborative.”

And that’s exactly what Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been hoping for.

“Our goal is to understand the needs of the community, and be one participant in the collective working to meet those needs,” says Mingo. “It’s because we’re working together, and listening to each other, that we’ll see our shared investments pay off—and our community thrive.”

Nationwide Children’s Hospital


  •  $783 million campus expansion complete in June 2012
  • 1 million patient visits expected in 2012
  • 2,000 new employees as result of expansion
  • 417 nearby homes targeted for renovation
  • Top 10 in all pediatric specialties*

*U.S. News & World Report 2012-2013

Brian Higgins